How to take care of your upvc windows

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Windows are the most essential things that are required in your house. They provide us with light and breeze so as to keep the room cool. Therefore, taking good care of it provides you with a more sustainable product.

Around 100 years ago, glass was considered to be very precious and only the wealthiest of people could afford it while the others of course had no glass in their windows. The Romans were the first ones to use glass in their windows. Here we are in the 21st century, using glass for all activities, whether storing food in a glass jar or making a building covered in glass, we can do it all. Glass has played an exceptionally beautiful role in making houses look beautiful too.
House are incomplete without a window, it’s feels like a box with four walls and nothing less than a prison. But what if you actually had to stay without a window, it would be a task right? No windows at home also make the person feel depressed and sad. Thus, windows play an important role in buildings and houses. Glass windows allows the passage of light, air and sound when not shut. You get to see the things happening outside your house or building without even opening your windows. The types of glass available now can solve all your problems related to sound and energy costs. They helps you soundproof your room so that you don’t hear unwanted noise and can even help you on saving your energy bills. Glass windows play a vital role in homes. The upvc windows are the best windows used in homes these days, as they require less maintenance compared to other glasses. The frames are made strong as they can last for decades with proper maintenance. Other materials like aluminium and wood save time and don’t need much maintenance. Other than having low maintenance and being strong, upvc windows and upvc doors reduces the energy costs. So now you can say bye to high energy bills. Upvc is basically unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which is a type of PVC, it is tougher and firmer. If these windows are given regular inspections then they can last for over two decades. Glass doesn’t require much attention but that doesn’t mean it can be neglected. Glass dirt and stains are very hard to remove and are not ordinary.
Below are some tips to on how to take care of your windows.
• The area that can be seen after shutting the window has to be washed every six months, inside as well as outside. You can use vinegar-based cleaner or simple soapy mixture with a piece of rag to clean.
• The area after opening the window should also be wiped with a wet cloth so as to remove stains and dirt.
• Check for the tightness of screws visible on your doors or windows.
• Avoid washing the windows in broad sunlight as the solution will dry and leave streaks and marks on the glass.
• Vacuum the sides of the frames and then wipe it with a damp cloth.
• It is advisable to carry out regular maintenance routine, but since that is not possible so you can check once every week.
The basic maintenance to keep your windows long lasting is to keep a regular check on them. If the windows have any drainage holes, make sure they are clean. If there’s any dirt that blocks the passage, make sure they are clean too. Inspect the seals of the windows once a while to check if it’s fitted well. Windows and doors are vulnerable to leaks at the corner. If the windows are taken good care of there’s no need of replacing any components of your windows. Don’t forget to clean your handles and hinges as they are usually made of metals. They tend to rust if they are not maintained or cleaned well. To make sure the handles and hinges work properly, apply small amounts of WD-40 or petroleum jelly. Apply moderately so that they move without making any noise. If your windows have a minor scratch or marks, there are repair kits available to fix the problem.